BOURKE RiverSide Gallery

Welcome to our Official Bourke Riverside gallery.
Please take a look at what our wonderful Bourke has to offer.

Welcome to Bourke

Our Bourke Riverside Motel is the only accommodation of it’s kind with the Darling River frontage in our lovely township of Bourke.

Our lovely Bourke Riverside Motel is located in a quiet and secure location for convenience of our guests. For those who want a relaxing stay whilst offering picturesque views to sooth the mind, away from highways and high volume areas.

Tourist Attractions

Our Beautiful Bourke offers a broad variety of attractions for you and your family to see.

Relaxing Cafe’s | Enticing Restaurants & Shops

Our Bourke has a bunch of fun activities just waiting to be discovered,

We highly recommend a trip using the “Mateship Country Tour” to explorer our beautiful Bourke – you are able to book this service via the Tourist Centre.